A Mommy Makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures designed to address the physical changes that occur in a woman’s body after pregnancy and childbirth. It typically includes procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentation or lift, and liposuction, but can be customized to meet individual needs. Combining Procedures for Optimal Results, as multiple areas of concern can be addressed in a single surgery. This approach can also be more cost-effective and result in less overall downtime compared to undergoing each procedure separately.

Dr. Kenton Schoonover, a renowned plastic surgeon at Kansas Plastic Surgery, specializes in performing mommy makeovers. With his expertise and experience, he helps women achieve their desired aesthetic goals while ensuring their safety and satisfaction. His skill and personalized approach make him a trusted choice for mommy makeovers in the Kansas area.

Why Combine Procedures? Exploring the Benefits

Comprehensive Transformation

A mommy makeover is a holistic approach to body rejuvenation. It’s designed to address various areas of concern, such as sagging breasts, excess abdominal skin, and stubborn fat deposits. By combining procedures like a tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction, patients can achieve a full-body transformation that restores their figure to its pre-pregnancy state or better.


Every woman’s body and aesthetic goals are unique. A mommy makeover isn’t a one-size-fits-all procedure; it’s highly customizable. Dr. Schoonover takes the time to understand each patient’s desires and crafts a surgical plan that aligns with their specific goals. This personalized approach ensures that the results are not just satisfactory but truly aligned with the patient’s vision for themselves.

Improved Confidence

The physical changes brought about by a mommy makeover can significantly boost a woman’s self-esteem. Restoring the body’s appearance often leads to increased confidence and a better quality of life. Patients report feeling more comfortable in their skin and more confident in their appearance, which can have a positive impact on all areas of their lives.

Long-Lasting Results

The results of a mommy makeover are designed to be long-lasting. With proper maintenance, including a healthy lifestyle and weight management, the improvements made during the surgery can be enjoyed for many years. It’s a long-term investment in oneself that pays dividends in self-esteem and satisfaction.


Undergoing multiple procedures at once can be more cost-effective than having them performed separately. This is due to the reduction in overall surgical, facility, and anesthesia fees. Additionally, by combining procedures, patients save on the indirect costs associated with taking time off work and other activities for multiple recoveries.

Reduced Recovery Time

A single recovery period means that patients can return to their normal activities more quickly than if they had multiple separate surgeries. This efficiency in the recovery process is not only convenient but also reduces the total time spent in discomfort and downtime.

Optimal Results

When procedures are performed simultaneously, the surgeon can ensure that the results are harmonious and proportionate. This comprehensive approach allows for adjustments to be made in real-time, ensuring that the final outcome is balanced and natural-looking. The ability to see the full scope of changes during one procedure allows for fine-tuning that might not be possible when procedures are done separately.

What Procedures are Typically Included in a Mommy Makeover?

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

A tummy tuck is a cornerstone of the Mommy Makeover. It addresses the abdominal area, which often undergoes significant changes during pregnancy. The procedure involves removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles to create a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. It can also help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks, particularly those located below the navel.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is sought after for enhancing breast size and shape, especially after the loss of breast volume post-pregnancy. Implants or fat grafting can be used to restore or increase breast size. It’s important to choose the right type and size of implants to achieve a natural look that complements the patient’s body proportions.

Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

A breast lift addresses sagging and restores the breasts to a more youthful position. During this procedure, excess skin is removed, and the surrounding tissue is tightened. For some patients, a breast lift is combined with augmentation to achieve both an increase in size and a lifted appearance.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction can alleviate discomfort from overly large breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. It involves the removal of breast tissue and skin to achieve a breast size in proportion with the body and to alleviate discomfort associated with excessively large breasts.


Liposuction targets and removes stubborn fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise. It can be performed on various body parts, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, and arms, to sculpt and refine the body’s contours.

Circumferential Abdominoplasty

Also known as a body lift, this procedure extends the benefits of a traditional tummy tuck by targeting the abdomen, hips, and lower back. It’s particularly beneficial for patients with significant amounts of excess skin following major weight loss or multiple pregnancies.

How to Customize Your Mommy Makeover

Customizing a Mommy Makeover is a deeply personal and collaborative process that caters to the unique needs of each individual. It’s about crafting a surgical plan that reflects the patient’s personal journey and aesthetic aspirations. Dr. Kenton Schoonover at Kansas Plastic Surgery excels in this art, ensuring that every procedure, from tummy tucks to breast lifts, is chosen and performed to address the specific concerns brought about by pregnancy and breastfeeding. The combination of procedures not only enhances the body’s contours but also harmonizes them, resulting in a natural and balanced appearance. Safety is a top priority, and Dr. Schoonover’s use of proven techniques minimizes risks while maximizing results. The holistic approach taken considers not just the physical alterations but also the emotional well-being of the patient, ensuring a transformation that transcends the physical. Open communication is key, and Dr. Schoonover’s commitment to understanding and aligning with the patient’s goals makes the journey towards reclaiming one’s body and confidence a shared and supported experience. This personalized approach guarantees that the outcome of a Mommy Makeover is as distinctive and remarkable as the woman herself.

What to Consider Before Undergoing a Mommy Makeover

When thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover, it’s like preparing for a big event. You want to make sure everything goes smoothly and the results are just what you hoped for. First, your health is key. Being in good shape means you’ll bounce back faster after the surgery. It’s also a good idea to kick any habits that could slow down your healing, like smoking or having a bit too much wine. You’ll need to chat with your doctor about any meds you’re taking to make sure they won’t mess with the surgery. And since you’ll be taking it easy for a bit, you’ll need someone to help out with the kids and around the house. Set up a cozy spot at home where you can relax and heal up without having to move around too much. Lastly, a heart-to-heart with your surgeon is super important. You’ll go over everything from your medical history to what you want to change, and you’ll get the lowdown on what to expect. Taking these steps will help you get ready for your Mommy Makeover and make sure you’re thrilled with the new you

When to Expect Recovery and How to Care for Yourself Afterward

Recovery and aftercare are crucial aspects of a Mommy Makeover, and understanding what to expect can help ensure a smooth and comfortable healing process. Here’s a detailed look at what you might experience:

Immediately After Surgery Once the anesthesia wears off, you may feel pain, but your surgeon will provide pain medication to manage it. If the pain is extreme or persistent, it’s important to contact your surgeon. Swelling is also common and can last for weeks or even months. You’ll likely have bandages and compression garments, and possibly surgical drains. It’s essential to have someone to help you with medication and getting around the house for at least the first day after surgery1.

First Week of Recovery The first week is usually the toughest. You’ll experience discomfort, swelling, and numbness. Despite this, you’ll be encouraged to walk within hours of surgery to promote blood circulation. However, full recuperation will take several weeks or longer, depending on the extent of the procedures1.

Sleeping and Resting Your surgeon will advise on the best sleeping positions to minimize tension on your incisions, reduce pain, and facilitate thinner scarring. Often, this involves sleeping with pillows under your back and keeping your legs slightly bent at the hips1.

Wearing Compression Garments Compression garments play a significant role in recovery. They help control swelling, support the areas treated during surgery, and can lead to a shorter recovery period. You’ll need to wear these as directed by your surgeon1.

Showering and Personal Care You can shower once the dressings, sponges, and gauze pads are removed, typically within 72 hours post-surgery. After showering, pat your incisions dry and replace your compression garments1.

Monitoring for Complications Be vigilant for any signs of complications, such as increased swelling, pain, redness, drainage, or bleeding in the surgical area, or if you develop fever, dizziness, nausea, or vomiting. Contact your surgeon immediately if you notice any of these symptoms

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Mommy Makeover is a transformative journey that combines various procedures to address the unique concerns of women post-pregnancy. It’s a comprehensive approach that offers a full-body rejuvenation, tailored to fit each individual’s needs. The benefits of combining procedures include a more cohesive and harmonious result, cost-effectiveness, and a single recovery period, which altogether contribute to a smoother and more efficient transformation process.

Dr. Kenton Schoonover at Kansas Plastic Surgery is a skilled artisan in sculpting the Mommy Makeover experience to align with your personal goals, ensuring that your vision for your body becomes a reality. If you’re considering a Mommy Makeover, take the first step towards rediscovering your confidence and schedule a consultation with Dr. Schoonover. It’s an opportunity to learn more about your options and begin the journey to a refreshed, empowered you.

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